Wednesday, March 9, 2016

O video summary of our 2016 Ski camp in Poiana Brasov!  It was a great week and we thank you for your prayers!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

InterVarsity & Urbana 15

After being in Romania for 20 years we lost touch a little with InterVarsity/USA, but this past furlough has renewed our appreciation for the work and ministry of InterVarsity/USA.

When we first arrived in the country we were a part of InterVarsity LINK’s training program helping to see LINK staff prepared to serve in overseas positions. At that time we also heard from the leaders of InterVarsity and were impressed with the vision “To see students and faculty transformed, campuses renewed, and world changers developed.” As we traveled around we were able to visit several college campuses and see how staff and students are engaging their friends and colleagues with the truths found in God’s word.

This past Christmas break we were also able to be a part of the 24th Urbana missions conference which has challenged nearly 300,000 participants over the years with their responsibility and privilege in global missions.

At Urbana 15, students and graduates got firsthand information about the world seeing both the beauty and the brokenness that exists, grappled with hard issues that are facing the church today, and connected more deeply with God through daily Bible studies in Matthew and in prayer.

Personally, we were rejuvenated by being with 16,000 young people who were seeking their place and role in the future of missions. We connected with old friends from Nigeria and were able to hear about their work in difficult places in Africa. Their joy and strength is contagious.

We made new friends by stopping and talking to other missionaries that face the same struggles as we do leaving children in this country while returning to the field. Thankful that through Skype these new relationships can grow and develop.

We heard well known (David Platt, Francis Chann) speakers and unknown saints that were imprisoned for their faith all challenging us to live our lives in a way that tells the story of Jesus.
We bought great books-of the day, studied God’s word with hundreds of others, worshipped in different languages and ate dinner with 4,000 others BUT the highlight for both of us was talking personally with students that want to follow Jesus in this country and to the ends of the earth.
We both love connecting one on one or in small groups with people and hearing their stories and sharing ours. 

We’ve included 2 short summary videos for you to get a taste of what happened in St Louis at Urbana15.

 You can see all the Urbana15 talks by Clicking here .

Friday, December 18, 2015

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BCA Senior Chapel 2015

Each year the seniors share at their last chapel of the year to encourage and challenge the students that they are leaving behind.  Here is the Senior chapel from this year!

The seniors led the worship time!

Emma Cox 

Andrew York

Hannah York

Hannah York signing 
'Lord I need you"

Young Jun Kim

Angie Kim

Monday, May 19, 2014

Conference in the Republic of Moldova

We had a great weekend evangelistic conference with the staff and students from CSC (IFES Moldova).   The whole conference was centered around small groups that studied The booklet Uncover, 6 passages from the Gospel of Luke to present Jesus!  Each small group had just 4 students and 1 leader, so we had good discussions that everyone could participate in.  I appreciated the openness of the students and their willingness to discuss about Jesus.  Many of the students where reading and studying about Jesus for the first time, and most were amazed at the idea of Grace!  Pray that God would continue to work in them!

The students and Staff of CSC (IFES Moldova) 
Our team from Romania!

Our Study!

All the evidence on the table related to the 6 studies in Luke

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson gave us an introduction to each study and charged us to observe and see details in the passage!

We met in small groups of 5 to study the text

Came back and students were given the opportunity to share what they saw with the whole group

On Sunday I had the privilege of wrapping up the study and presenting the Gospel to the students

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

December Outreach

December Outreach

For 4 cold days in December the OSCEB students organized a proxy station about Christmas in the center of Bucuresti. 

We stopped students to ask them to take a quick test to see what Character of Christmas they most represented (the Grinch, Santa Claus, Rudolf or the Magi)

Then the students would put a sticker in one of the 4 characters

Most people who took the test ended up as Santa, meaning Christmas to them was a time to be with family & friends and lots of Christmas parties

Then we would engage the students in a discussion about the true meaning of Christmas

 Many of the students enjoyed talking and many knew that the birth of Christ was the reason for Christmas, but they saw no connection with this to their own life.  Most Romanians still see Christmas as a religious holiday and most know the meaning of the holiday.  We find many students open to talking at Christmas and Easter about a spiritual subject. But then when you want to go deeper into what does the Bible say and about faith in Christ, most respond that these are things they will think about when they are older.

On Monday night we invited students to come to a Christmas concert held in a lecture hall in the literature university.  A group from our church led the singing and did a very good job.