Monday, August 11, 2008

Adventure English Camps 2008

We had three wonderful weeks in the mountains for our English Camps in July. Overall we had good weather and we saw God at work in the hearts and lives of students. The first week we had a small group of students from Iasi. It was a small camp, but a close and united group!
The hike during the first camp week. Please pray for DragoČ™ who was at the camp, that God would continue to work in his life!

Hannah ready for rock climbing!!
One of the Adventure activities was horse-back riding! This was a hit with the York Children!!

Kris repelling down the rock face!
Andrew and his friend Jonathan who was with us during the first camp week! The second picture is from the English Culture night where they learned to drink tea!!

We had three day hikes!! It was wonderful to be out in the beauty of God's creation!

The second week we got to visit a cave!!

The last week the team from the US taught us a few dances from the 1950's!! Here is everyone doing the Hand Jive!!
The camps were very good and we appreciate the two teams that served the Romanian students this summer!! They did a great job of building relationships with the Romanian students and serving them. Please pray that God would continue to work in the lives of those who came to the three camps this summer. During the second week we had 2 Vietnamese students who are studying in Ploiești.