Thursday, March 7, 2013

Balkan Staff Conference

Each year we gather with other staff and leaders from across the Balkans to hear what the Lord is doing in other countries.  I (Mike) always find it an encouraging time to meet and talk with others doing similar work in a similar setting.  We always leave the conference refreshed and with new ideas for ministry.

 The conference is always hosted by one of the countries in our region.  This year it was in Montenegro.  A fairly new country gaining their independence from Serbia in 2006.   We met in the city of Bar that has NO evangelical church, and our conference of about 50 people was the largest gathering of evangelical believers on Sunday morning in the whole country.

 The national leaders from Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Serbia along with 2 leaders from IFES

My Small group with folks from Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, & Albania

The Romanian representatives!!

Dragos, Martin (IFES Regional Leader) & Mike

Montenegro is a very beautiful and mountainous country with a boarder on the Adriatic Sea

I even got to meet and shake hands with the President of Montenegro!!!!