Wednesday, November 24, 2010

OSCER National Conference 2010 ReImagine the Christian Student

Nov. 11-14, we had our first national conference in 5 years.  We inaugurated the "Imagine" conferences that we plan to hold every two years.  Our Conference theme this year was the Gospel, and the three main talks where "What is the Gospel?", "The Gospel and Me", and "The Gospel and Others".  Each talk was well presented and we had small groups after each talk to help the students process the information.
 Kris was asked to present "The Gospel and me" where she focused on our need to "preach the Gospel to ourselves daily and to battle with the sin in our life.

The conference took place in a beautiful location in the north-western part of Romania.  One highlight was our service time on Saturday afternoon.  We split up into teams and were given jobs to do around the conference center. It was a small way that we could serve.  Here are some pictures of the jobs we were involved in!

 Overall, we were very encouraged by the conference and look forward to how we can develop this conference and make it a much anticipated event every 2 years.
 We were greatly encouraged that many students from Bucharest were able to attend since we had to travel the furthest.

The first evening we had some games to get to know each other!

The times of worship were led by a Romania Christian group Decean.

Thank you for your prayers!