Monday, May 2, 2011

OSCER Spring Leaders Meeting April 2011

7-10 April, 25 student leaders and staff met for 3 days of meetings in Azuga up in the mountains.  We had some wonderful discussions hearing from some of our board members as they shared stories from the beginnings of OSCER.  Gelu, our board chairman, shared from his days as a student during communism of how students risked to meet together and reach out to others with the Gospel during those difficult days.

 We also spent one evening talking about the chain of discipleship relationships and how these helped the student work to grow around the country in the "early days".  It was extremely encouraging to hear how God worked in one city and helped a group to start up and then how that group saw they could then go to a new city and begin to invest there and see a student group get started.

 Saturday afternoon we took off to visit the old fortress at Rasnov.  It was a beautiful day and  a welcomed change as we had been sitting and meeting for a day and a half straight!
Our last night we had the traditional celebration of Slanina (pig fat), onions, bread and garlic!!  WOW pass the listerine!!