Monday, September 29, 2008

The Romanian Student In 2008

This year officials say that there are 700,000 students attending universities across Romania. When a first year student arrives a few days before classes begin, 1 October, they must try and get a place in the dorm. The authorities have announced that this year there are only 110,00 places in all dorms across Romania. We just read that in Bucuresti at the Business school there are 8000 students who have requested a place in the dorm, while there are only 4800 places in dorms for these students. Across the nation the average is 1 in 6 students get a place in the dorm!! If a student doesn't get a spot in the dorm then they must look to rent a place. This alternative is much more expensive for a student. The dorm is around $35/month, while renting cost 250-300 euros for a very small furnished apartment.

For those "lucky" enough to get a place in the dorm, they often find very poor conditions. Poor furniture, broken windows and doors as well as a dirty mattress greets the student. But the authorities say they are renovating the dorms across the country, and complete on average one dorm per city a year. New dorm construction is going very slowly. This is one thing the Romanian student faces as he/she begins their university days.

Students & Parents waiting to see if they can get a place in the dorm

Many of the dorms in Bucuresti are being renovated slowly

Students put up notices asking if they can buy someone elses place in the dorm!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Fall 2008 Family Retreat

September 19-21 our church, Bunavestire, had a family retreat. There were 100 people in attendance, and we had great teaching on being a Godly husband with loving leadership and how to be a loving wife that respects her husband. We enjoyed the time away from Bucuresti and got to know a few more people at our church. On Sunday, just before lunch, a young lady greeted us as we walked in a door and then left. After she walked off we realized that it was a young woman who had been involved in the student group many years back, but we didn't recognize her. We asked another friend if our guess was right and it was. So after lunch we went and spoke to Felicia and found out she is married and that she and her husband are working to plant a church a few miles outside of Bucuresti. She talked about how hard it has been and all the opposition they have faced. She also spoke to us about how much she appreciated the ministry of OSCEB, when she was a student and how it had helped to strengthen her in her walk with the Lord and had been an encouragement to her!

After speaking with Felicia we began to think of all the people at the retreat. We could count 11 people at the retreat who had been involved in the student work either in Bucuresti or another city. It was encouraging to think how the student groups in Romania are producing graduates, who are going out into the market place as well as the church and are using their gifts to serve the Lord!!

Thanks for your prayers for us and for your finacial support that allow us to minister here in Romania to students and helping to prepare the next generation of students that will influence the market place and the church in Romania!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

OSCER Leaders Meeting Hungary Sept. 2008

From September 8-13, twenty-five OSCER Leaders met at a conference center just over the boarder from Timisoara in Hungary. We spent time focusing on our relationship with the Lord, renewing our vision of OSCER, discussing this years activities, as well as refocusing on what a student looks like today in Romania. We also, spent time in prayer for each other and for the the new school year that starts on 1 October.

Lots of Discussions!! L-R (Aidan, Marius, Andrei, Dragos & Simona)

One of our worship times outside! L-R (Ovi, Catalin, Stefan & Razvan)

More Discussions!!

Group Picture!

L-R( Sami, Alex, Gabi, Stefan, Oana, Aidan & Dargos)

The Groups that were represented at the meeting where:

Bucharest, Pitesti, Craiova, Ploiesti, Iasi, Brasov, Timisoara & Cluj.

Please pray for these groups as well as the student groups in:

Galati, Suceava & Oradea,

as they try and put together plans for the new school year (that starts October 1st), and ways to reach out to new students coming to campus this fall. Thank you!!