Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fall: The New University Year begins!

For the past few years at the beginning of the year once a week we open up our small apartment and have students in our home to help new folks get integrated into the student group and give them all a time to interact in a relaxed atmosphere!  We usually have pigs in a blanket, snacks, games and a video relating to our relationship with God

 Razvan in the black tee shirt we have know since he was 14 years old and was a high school student in  Pitesti and involved in the group there.  Now he is in his first year at the university in Bucharest!

Beni, also from Pitesti, introduces himself at the special meeting for Freshman. 

Kris meets with a group of women throughout the year to celebrate birthdays.  Most of the women here we have known since our first year in Romania!!