Saturday, June 20, 2009

Spring Ministry Update

Here are a few highlights of our Spring ministry activities!

National Leaders Meeting

Each year we meet twice with one or two leaders from each local student group. This spring our meeting took place in Paltinis, near Sibiu. We had times of worship and devotional thoughts from Luke 15, some teaching on how to lead and organize a project and a time for each group to share and be prayed for.
Partners in Ministry

In May over 30 mission organizations met outside Brasov to talk about ways to motivate and support Romanians in cross-cultural mission work. There were representatives from over 30 organizations and we determined to partner together to help Romanians send out missionaries to countries that may be harder for western missionaries to enter. It was especially exciting to learn about how OM, Wycliffe and the three major denominations are focusing their efforts at sending out Romanians.


The end of the school year always brings a time of good bye's to those that are graduating and moving on. This year there were 12 graduates and it is always encouraging to look back and remember these students from their first year and see how much they have grown and changed over the past 3 years in Bucharest.

Cristi has been serving as a part-time staff in Bucharest for the past year. He will be staying in town and continuing to help with the student group and hopefully working on a Masters in engineering.
Alin has grown so much in his 3 years at university. He has been invovled in the student group as well as a study in the dorm where he lives. He has reached out to friends in the dorm and has been a strong witness for Christ. He will be staying as well in Bucharest next school year!