Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer 2009 USA

For 9 weeks this summer we spent time in the U.S. visiting friends, family and churches. We kept a very full schedule meeting people and making contacts with new churches. There were many high points visiting old friends, meeting our new nephew (Lukas), going swimming and teaching the children how to canoe and use a kayak. A ministry highlight was visiting an international student Cafe held by a church in DE. for international students working in Rehoboth Beach, DE for the summer. Each summer thousands of students, many from Central & Eastern Europe get a special visa to come and work in the US. Most of them get jobs in tourist areas and work 2 jobs, usually about 70 hours a week. Some of the churches in Rehoboth Beach have been working on ways to reach out to these students. We were invited to come and visit one event that a Presbyterian Church has been holding for a few years. Each Thursday night from 11:00 pm-1:00 am they hold an International Cafe. They invite students to come and enjoy some desserts and as they eat they engage the students in discussions about the Bible and religion.

On the Thursday night we were there we met 4 Romanian students. Two of the Romanians where from a city in the north and we found out they are believers and that we have a mutual friend. The second two we met were students in Bucharest and we found out that they live right around the corner from us during the school year! Please pray that we can make contact with them this fall and talk some more to them!!

On Monday, 31 August Kris and the children will start up the school year at BCA. Rebekah will be in 10th grade and Hannah & Andrew in 7th grade. Kris will be teaching 3rd grade this year. Pray for them as they "get into the swing" of school again, and for Kris as she adjusts to teaching 3rd grade after teaching 2nd grade last year.

Also, from 31 August - 5 September Mike will be at an OSCER leadership conference. Pray for us as we focus on defining more clearly the vision of OSCER and how to reach out to the students of today.