Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent Activity in the York Family!

This spring around 30 leaders from across Romania met in our anual meeting, where we talked about evangelism, and the students from Cluj shared with the others about their Mission Week.  There is  great anticipation in OSCER for having another mission week next year!!  Pray as we seek the best city to host our next mission week.

BCA's spring drama production was Annie!

Hannah played one of the lead orphans

Andrew played Rooster, the smooth talking brother of Miss Hannigan! 

Andrew & Hannah with two of their classmates!

Our small group from church met with 30 children from very challenging home situations a few weeks ago for an afternoon picnic.  It was one of the hardest things we have done.  We felt that for 4 hours no one listened to us, or could organize themselves as we wished.  We felt like we had planned all these fun activities, but were unable to really do them with the children.  In the end the woman who had organized it and has had contact with these children for many years, said they really did have a good time and even though it didn't feel organized to us, they just enjoyed being at the park and having folks take an interest in them!

We recently had a wonderful time in the mountains of southern Romania.  We stayed at a friend's house and were able to relax, read and play games together!

As well as take a cruise down the Danube River!

On the way back to Bucharest we saw some of the famous sculptures of Brancusi.  Here we sit at the table of silence, made as a WWI  memorial! 

The Graduates from OSCEB this year!