Monday, October 6, 2008


We stood at a table near the dorms passing out Bibles and inviting students to come to a discussion group called "Glad You Asked", which will look at many of the basic questions people have about Christianity. One young student stopped and asked what we were doing, why, and who we were. He was visibly upset that we were passing out Bibles and that we were not from the Orthodox Church. We tried to talk with him and tell him the Bible we had was not that different than the "Orthodox" Bible, just this one had easier language to understand. He called us heretics and accused us of proselytism.

For 2 days we stood outside one of the dorm areas in Bucharest, offering free Bibles and other Christian evangelistic literature to students. Very few students stopped even with a sign that all the material was free! Many asked us if we were from the Orthodox Church and when we said no many walked on. There is still a stereo-type that people have in their minds that remains from the communist days against the Evangelical church in Romania. It's amazing to see the reaction of students when they find out we are not Orthodox. One guy tired to get his friend to put back the Bible after he found out we were not Orthodox. But the guy said, "That's alright, I'm multi-religious!" Many of these students have never read the Bible. Please pray for the 25 students that took Bibles, that God would work through His Word and they would come to the discussion group that will start on 15 October! We continued this week passing out Bibles at the dorm areas!

After talking with the first guy mentioned above, one of the staff said, "it is amazing just a few years ago students where open to all kinds of different things like meditation and new age philosophy and now it's only orthodoxy." Another interesting fact was that last week there was only one student who came up to the table and said that he was a Christian. He was an international student from Nigeria!

The Business School in Bucuresti with a banner welcoming the students back!

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