Thursday, December 4, 2008

Romanian News This Week

Here are some headlines from this week in Romania!

The elections are over now and the process of trying to form an alliance government is the talk of the town, since no party won an absolute majority of the vote. What 2 parties will get together to form the government? This is an important step in seeing who will be the next prime minister of Romania. Maybe next week we will know. In the elections only 34.50% of registered voters turned out.

In a move to try and improve domestic car sales the government raised the tax on imported and second hand cars in Romania. Dacia-the Romanian car manufacturer, has closed down production for a few weeks and hopes to reopen in mid-December.

On the bright side of things Romania's economy registered an economic increase for the third quarter of 2008 of 9.1% compared with the same period last year. This is the largest increase in the EU for the third quarter.

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