Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time is Here!

Each year there are many activities happening as Christmas approaches.  Here are a few that we have been involved with:

OSCEB Christmas Concert

Once again the students in Bucharest hosted a Christmas carol concert.  For 2 weeks before the concert the students went through many of the dorms doing a survey with students and inviting them to the concert.  They found students open and often had great in-depth talks with the students about the Gospel, but we find it very hard to motivate them to come to a meeting or study to discuss more about Christianity.  Please pray for us to have insight into how to reach this new generation of student in Romania.

We also passed out over 4000 invitations to the concert and were pleased that about 300 students came to listen to the Carols and a short message.

Other Student Groups 

This month Mike was asked to speak in Pitesti to the students, about the topic "Who is celebrated at Christmas?"  It was a good meeting with both university and high school students in the group.  The meeting was a week before their big outreach meeting that attracted many students.

We both traveled to the city of Craiova to visit the student group there.  They had a big outreach meeting with about 120 students in attendance.  One extremely encouraging thing was to see how the churches have come together to support the student group.  They had students from four different churches, which is a great step forward for the group.  Please pray for unity as the churches work together to reach students in their city!

BCA Christmas Program

 The students at BCA had a fun Christmas program as they presented an adaptation of the Christmas story with songs from the group 'ABBA,' changed to reflect the Christmas message of Christ's birth.  Rebekah played the part of the innkeeper's wife as well as one of the angels that appeared to the shepherds.  To see more pictures click here

Caroling in Romania
On Dec. 23 we went caroling with some friends to other friends of ours in the city.  We had a great time singing in the apartment building hallways, where there are beautiful echos.  We must have sounded pretty good as people we didn't even know handed us money and said we sounded good.  The tradition in Romania is that you carol people and they give you a treat or sometimes money!  We enjoyed mandarins, cookies and chocolates!! It was a fun evening.

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