Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fall Events

This fall we have had a number of events to help students hear more about the Gospel.

At the beginning of the university year we sponsored an event in Bucuresti where a well known illusionist spoke about how he lived an illusion, until he met Jesus.  Students packed into a lecture hall to hear him speak and ask questions.

In Nov. the students in Pitesti sponsored a talk on Science and Religion.  A man from Australia was invited to speak and then take questions from the students.  Mike went to this with a car load of students from Bucuresti.

In late Nov. the students from Bucuresti organized a local training camp in Sinaia to help integrate new students into the group.  It was a very relaxed weekend with teaching (motivating the students in evangelism), time for a hike and fellowship.  It was encouraging to see over 40 students come out for the weekend and we all enjoyed some time in the mountains!

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