Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Update!

 During the weekend of 5-7 April OSCER teamed up with the IFES movement in Moldova (CSC) to have an evangelistic camp.  The theme was ways we try to cover up or hide behind things rather than allow Jesus to define our identity.  It was a super weekend and there were about 50 Moldovan students and staff along with 10 of us from Romania (pictured below).

This was the first time  Kris and & I have gone to something by ourselves as Kris was able to get one day off from school to participate.  We left early on Friday morning and returned on Sunday evening.  It was very interesting to see many of the cultural similarities and yet many differences!

 We had small group discussions after each talk so that we could process things together.  About 20 of the students there were not followers of Jesus and we had opportunities to talk more deeply about what it means to follow Jesus.

Below are pictures from our Mission week in Cluj (March 25-28). 

Lunch time discussions

A highlight was working together with a team of students from across the country!

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