Thursday, March 19, 2009

Outreach in Iasi

Next week (April 6-12) in the North-East city of Iasi (pronounced ‘yaw-sh’), the OSCER student group along with 8 other organizations and churches will be joining together to reach out to students in the Tudor student complex. We will have a team of 5 UCCF (IFES in the UK) staff and students who will join us for this time.

We are looking for folks to pray for this outreach to 20,000 students. There is an overall population of evangelical Christians in the city of about 1.5%!! It has been encouraging how God has drawn together this group of over 100 students to reach out to these students.
We would appreciate your prayers as we join together with a team of staff and students from the UK to reach out to the students of Tudor in 6-12 April.

Here are a few Prayer Requests:

1) Unity among the different groups that will be working together in this week of outreach
2) Openness of the Romanian students in the dorm complex
3) Tues. - Thurs. nights we will have some apologetic talks. Please pray for students to come and be open to discussions.
4) The Christian students to have wisdom and guidance in their discussions with the students in the dorm area.

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Patrick (Atlanta) said...

Very excited about this and will keep you in our prayers.