Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mid Week Report Iasi Outreach

The UCCF Team at the largest Orthodox church in Romania

The outreach in Iasi is going very well this week. Thank you for your prayers, we really appreciate it. We have seen God working in many ways. There are around 100 students who have joined together from 9 different organizations and groups to reach out to the 20,000 students in the Tudor dorm complex. The Christian students have been very encouraged at how open the students in the dorm have been to discussing. We have had 2 apologetic nights and there have been a 70-80 students coming to these short presentations and then they have an opportunity to ask questions. The topics have been:
Tues. night "If God is good, why do suffering and evil exist?"
Wed. night "Do all religions lead to God?"
Thurs. night "Is the Bible reliable?"

Luke and Whitney Cawley
Luke worked with us for 3 years in Bucuresti and now is on staff with UCCF in the UK. He is a very talented evangelist and has been giving the apologetic talks at night. He has done a great job at answering difficult questions in a way that is easy for the students to understand and constantly leads them to focus on Jesus.

Radu Onu
Radu was a leader in OSCER at the beginning and now is the pastor of the Eclesia Church in Iasi. They have a house right in the dorm area that we have been using for the apologetic talks. Radu has a huge heart for evangelism and has helped gather together a team of people to lead and pray for this week of outreach.

On Sat we will have a seminar to help teach students how to use Scripture with nonbelievers. Pray that this will be a good tool for Christian students to use as follow-up to the conversations they have had this week and pray that students would be open to studying God's word.
Thank you!
Aidan & Abi pose by the signpost pointing toward London!

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gabriela said...

We are so glad to hear good news about the Outreach in Iasi. God is so great! I am praying for you, your team and the students from Iasi. May God bless you all!