Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Spring in Review

 This spring there were many activities in our lives both at school and in OSCEB.

Alice In Wonderland

Rebekah was chosen as one of the narrators for the play this spring.  All the students worked hard memorizing lines and making all the sets (Hannah helped with the painting!)  They were able to perform the show for one night only and it was wonderful!

BCA Basketball

 This spring there was the re-appearance of the BCA basketball team.  Andrew had his first taste at really playing a team sport and the discipline of weekly practice.  We had 12 guys come out to play!  Mike got to help out as an assistant coach.  In May we had a mini-basketball camp to see if there was enough interest for a team for next year.  The interest is high so we will see how they do when the season starts!


Hannah loves to go to the parks and be in nature.  She works hard in school and loves to relax in the park during the weekend with friends!!  They enjoy renting bikes or boats and spending time together.


The Bucharest students returned to the dorms as the weather got warmer offering free Bibles and other Christian books to students.  We would go and set up the table in a public area near the dorms and then engage students in a discussion when they stopped to look at what we were giving away.  Each year fewer students stop to talk, but every now and then we do get into good conversation with students.  But it seems fewer students want to  continue discussing the Bible in some form of a study.  One day we had the table by a busy road and a bus driver stopped when he saw the table, got out of his bus and asked for a Bible.  As he returned to the bus an older women knocked on the window because she wanted a Bible as well!

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