Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Camp 2011 In Bucuresti

In the spring the Bucharest leadership team began planning English/Adventure Camp 2011.  We had noticed a progressive decline in the number of students coming to camp in the past years, especially after Romania joined the European Union.  The students of today are looking to get a job or an internship in the summer and not too many have the time or financial resources to go to camp in mid-July.  This year it really showed when we had only a hand full of students and their friends registered for camp, and then just days before we were to leave most of those invited by the Christian students had to cancel for one reason or another.  So we were left to just hold a camp with a few Christian students.  Since this was not our goal, the Lord gave us some creative ideas to try here in Bucharest each evening this week.
We started out on Monday night with a Progressive Dinner.  We had the main course at our apartment and we squeezed 20 students into the living room for a Lasagna, salad and garlic bread dinner.  The students had a great time and we ate well.  Most said it was the "best camp food they ever ate!"
For the appetizer we enjoyed "mushroom pie" a true Romanian treat!  It's not a sweet pie, but so delicious!

Then it was on to our house for the main course.  It had been a hot day and then packing in over 20 students made it like a sauna in our living room!

 Lastly we arrived for dessert of Carrot cake, apple cake and ice cream!

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SgamFam said...

Wish we could join in your progressive dinner... :). Glad to read this.