Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 3: OSCEB English/Adventrue Camp 2011

Even with very hot temperatures in Bucuresti and the lack of a beautiful mountain setting we have been encouraged with participation of students in our "city" camp so far this week!!

We met for a night of fun and games. Because of the fact that we live in Romania and things here don't always work out the way we plan it was no big deal when the electricity stopped exactly when we needed to use our electric frying pan to see who had made the best American style pancakes. It was par for the course, so the bakers went to our teammates house (5 minute walk), made the pancakes, and returned for the tasters to announce the winners. Other than a few strange looks by passersby the night was enjoyed by all.

In round two three teams competed to make "American Pancakes" without a recipe and just the ingredients laid out before them. 


We transformed our living room into a cinema with pillows and bean bags as well as snacks for a movie night.  We chose the movie Les Miserable because the themes of grace, redemption, and law are beautifully woven into it. The discussion afterwards was thought provoking as students grappled with the ideas of unmerited grace and how that can change one's life like Jean Valjean from the story. Mike concluded the evening by showing how the grace of God in Christ can change our lives when we turn to Him for forgiveness.

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